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We are
Otherland Club

Constant seekers of other lands and other experiences, travellers to our bones.

We create clothing that reflects this spirit, while still being beautifully made and classically fitted.

We love heritage techniques and believe these need to be celebrated and protected- and we love fashion, so we created the perfect mix of the two...

Our Purpose

What we believe

Human hands painted in different colours


We are committed to bringing colour to menswear, a fashion segment that is underserved in this area. 

Growing up in Indian and African cultures, we were surrounded by colour and find it lacking in western culture and attire. We want to change that; for us, colour means joy. 

Colourful clothing is usually associated with holidays when people are freer to express themselves. 

We want to challenge this, why save your joyful outfits only for holidays? Bring colour into your everyday wardrobe!  


Preserving heritage techniques is at the forefront of what we do.

Be it handloom weavers, or block print artists, we support small craftsmen and celebrate their unique art. 

We could make our fabrics much faster and cheaply by digitising and machine producing, but that's not what we are about.

Each shirt that gets to you has been through several different processes, each done by a separate craftsman. We celebrate the truly handmade, and in doing so, preserve heritage techniques and the artisans that use them for a livelihood. The lovely thing about this is that our consumer, globally, can own and wear a piece of art that might have been made continents away from them, using techniques that span centuries.


We are here to build a tribe around colour. We are travellers ourselves, and come from origins where colour is celebrated in every day life, more so than in western culture.

We want to make the best mens shirt out there, and we want to do so using the best techniques and the best artisans and then we want to connect with you, our consumers.

We want to create an ‘Otherland’ that is united by a love of travel and freedom of expression.



We hate greenwashing. Here’s the truth: we are doing EVERYTHING in our power to make our clothes sustainable and close the loop. 

So far, the things we are proud of doing are:

No plastic in our shirts or packaging
  • No plastic in our products; buttons are sustainable shell.
  • No plastic in our packaging. Your shirt arrives in a super cool fabric bag that can double as a shoe bag.
Sustainable packaging

We use ‘seconds’ for our shirt packaging, that is fabric from other peoples big runs that is dumped. This means it has a second life and is traded by small sellers who sell out of tiny lean-tos. Double bonus, you are helping a livelihood and you are stopping more fabric waste from going into the landfill.

No offcuts - these are all collected and sent to a charity in Mumbai that makes small items like scrunchies, key rings etc.

We only work with artisans

The people behind the craft are important to us.

We only work with handloom producers and individual artisans. We do not use huge mechanised factories.

Made to last

We make everything to last, no shortcuts, no nasties. We want your shirt to be on your back for as long as possible, so we make quality items, even though it takes longer and costs more.

Plans for the future
  • We are working on a plan to recycle shirts at their end of life. 
  • We are also working on a Toms model, where for every shirt bought we want to give back to the community we manufacture with.

Our Fabrics

We take pride in sourcing only the best fabrics for our shirts, the lightest cotton, the most vibrant prints.

All of our shirts are made from pure cotton and fall into three categories:



The lightest organic cotton, perfect for long lazy summer days, the beach, the pool, in your garden or lazing around in some tropical destination.Literally the best shirt you will ever wear in summer.



Woven cotton shirts, made by interlocking pre dyed yarn.

Great for summer, if you are looking for something stylish, smarter than the light cotton and a bit of a statement shirt.

Featuring a nehru/mandarin collar for elegance and that little touch of je ne sais quoi.



Our classic range is a more structured fit, a superb pure cotton shirt.

The prints are eye catching yet subtle, hand block printed and released in limited editions.

Featuring acontrast collar and cuff.

Best paired with chinos, linen or shorts for a stylish summer look.


How our shirts are made

We work with handloom producers and individual artisans who create each shirt by hand using heritage techniques.

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